REGGIE WOLTZ (George Woltz, III) – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

A highly original and innovative thinker, Reggie is editor in chief of the Secret Tortoise series for young adult readers. Additionally, Reg was the one who created the Trees for Love branding campaign when Gallant Gold Media was planning its tree planting campaign in October 2020 to remember those we lost to covid.


It’s not difficult to understand where Reggie’s creativity is inherited from. He’s the grandson of George Woltz, Sr, an advertising executive who, along with his business partner Dave Martin (of the former Martin and Woltz Agency) were hired by the State of Virginia to create a tourism campaign. They came up with “Virginia is for Lovers” which has been an advertising phenomenon for nearly five decades and was inducted into the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.

Additionally, Reggie is the great grandson on Reginald Wood, who in 1948 became one of the original founders of University of Virginia’s Athletic Foundation. The Foundation is now a vibrant organization pouring millions of dollars into their Division I sports programs known for their “uncompromised excellence.”

Born in Sacramento, California, Reggie has lived across the United States as well as in the UK. Among the places he’s called home are California, Connecticut, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Illinois, and London England. Reggie considers himself fortunate to have been exposed to a majority of the various demographics resulting in rich first-hand experiences that have become his most valuable asset as a writer and as an editor.

A particularly interesting aspect of Reggie’s background, however, is a certain visit to the ancestral home of England’s royal family.


On July 7, 2004, Reggie was visiting Windsor Castle, located 34 kilometers west of London, with his mom. It was the day after thousands had crammed into Hyde Park for the royal, festive, high-profile dedication of the Diana Memorial Fountain.

Something mysterious was first discovered several weeks later, when his mom picked up the newly developed photos. A shopper at the photo counter that day was bewildered when she viewed the image and commented, “No one can deny that’s a ghost.” Verification of the photo’s authenticity is the original CD that the photos were saved to by the Photo center employee.

Given the timing, (at the exact moment this photo was being taken, an unexpected gale howled through London, flooding the Diana Memorial Fountain), and the uncanny location, centered on the flowers in the Windsor Castle garden, it seems apparent this is a ghost image of Princess Diana as a young girl.

Between his pedigree and paranormal experiences (this isn’t the only one), Reggie Woltz has plenty of magic to weave into the Secret Tortoise Series.

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