It’s projected that the United States lost 30 billion mature trees in the devastating wildfires that scorched the West.

The Secret Tortoise series

The tortoise is the ancient treasure hunter. The treasure map and secret code are carved into its back. It knows where all the secrets are buried…

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There’s something for everybody in this fast-paced saga: history, mystery, and good old-fashioned ghost stories. Young people will enjoy this multidimensional story about five students working together to create positive change as they navigate the turbulent waters of high school.


Cheering for Claudette as she fights to survive, crying for her when she is berated andbeaten down, wishing that the adults would help this girl out, you are finally amazed in the end by the gifts of love, sympathy, and empathy, and a passion for truth, fairness and justice that Barré has bestowed upon her readers.

Children’s Books

Long, long ago in a place far, far away, there lived a fancy farmer named Farmer Fudge Ripple. Farmer Fudge Ripple owned a delightfully delicious Ice Cream Farm…

What Do Readers Have To Say?

The Covert Influencer of Sleepy Hollow appeals to readers who appreciate unforeseen outcomes and powerful villains. In this third book of the series, the five main characters get more than they bargained for but are aided by unexpected allies. A secret weapon, nature itself, emerges to revitalize, strengthen, and guide them.

— Catherine Zacuto, M.A.Ed

My daughter and I have been reading this series. I really recommend it if you are looking for your children to get interested in politics and history. All of the sudden my hashtag happy Instagram kid wants to run for class president!

— Sarah Walsh, Author of The Ways of After and former teacher

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