The Secret Oak of Sleepy Hollow

ISBN: 1-58584-770-9 eBook
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Written by Noreen Wise

Follow the Secret Tortoise blog and become an insider on many of history’s unsolved mysteries, as well as the ghosts who roam the earth intent on imparting the secrets they took to their graves. Perhaps you’ll find, that not only is knowledge power, it may actually transform your reality. Be prepared to get spooked every Friday when you listen to the Secret Tortoise of Sleepy Hollow Spooky Stories weekly Podcast!

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Meet Marco Perez, Illuminati-obsessed teenager about to begin the school year at Riverrun Academy, 25 miles north of Manhattan along the historic Hudson River. He convinces four other classmates – Bennet, Isabella, Joaquin, and Kaleigh – to create a pact to uncover the buried secrets believed to be the mysterious, paranormal force haunting Sleepy Hollow, NY, as they help one another reach new heights in the face of a fierce adversary. Together, they represent five different cliques at Riverrun: student government, band, performance arts, men’s sports and women’s sports. As the year gets started, this nascent secret society, the Secret Tortoise, sets its plans in motion to take control of each sector and create as much influence as possible.


Readers of all ages will enjoy the intrigue and drama packed into Book 1 of the Secret Tortoise Society. The spectral history and lively forests of Sleepy Hollow will draw readers into the story of a secret but benevolent society. Young readers will be motivated to see what happens next, as they follow the challenges faced by each character. Valuable life skills of collaboration, grit, and integrity guide the protagonists’ decision-making about real-life problems. Fantasmical characters and historical figures peppered throughout the book challenge readers to think critically as they try to solve looming mysteries. The blog posted in the initial pages of the publication provides interesting background for those curious about Sleepy Hollow and its haunts.

~ Catherine Zacuto, M.A.Ed


With a secret society, blood oaths, and cryptic messages, this is no ordinary teen drama. Each member of this group of closely connected kids has their own unique role in unwinding the twists and turns of this adventure. The characters are all different, but fit together with that oh so special Breakfast Club bond. This easily digestible novel reads like episodes in a television show comparable to Nickelodeon’s, Hunter Street, and Netflix Original, Greenhouse Academy.

~ Sarah Walsh,
Author of The Ways of After and former teacher

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