Strategic Partners

Stronger together. We’re very excited to form alliances with business partners to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. We’ll all be working together to restore our habitat, protect animals and to minimize waste that will lower our carbon footprints.

In the United States, our individual carbon footprint averages 16 tons of carbon per year. In order to reduce global warming though, and save our habitat, we have to lower the average to 2 tons per year. We have a long way to go in a very short period of time.

Every product has a sustainable alternative.

Cork vegan leather bags are one such improved alternative. Gallant Gold Media is very excited to enter into a strategic partnership with Cork Element in Portugal. Cork Element produces handmade, chic & luxurious cork vegan leather bags. Check out the top 5 designs.

Cork Element incorporates 3 main eseentials when producing their top quality bags:

  • Handcrafted – by local artisans. Portugal has strict fair trade rules and prides itself in treating all artisans fairly.
  • Eco-friendly – Cork is all natural, straight from the bark of cork trees. The process of converting cork bark into cork fabric is simple and traditional.
  • Vegan – Cork has antimicrobial properties, is water resistant and is extremely durable. A superior alternative to leather.

We have several more partnerships already in the works. We’ll keep you updated.

Under Construction. More partners coming soon.

One shot. Give it all you’ve got.