“If we do not take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon. We must rewild the world.”—Sir David Attenborough, English Broadcaster and Natural Historian

Our Mission

Gallant Gold Media is a part of the soil health movement, a global coalition of famers, ranchers, environmentalists, organizations, nations, businesses and individuals who actively promote and engage in soil health, as well as educate the public on the soil health principles in an effort to accelerate carbon drawdown, restore our habitat, transition to a circular economy and reverse global warming.

Our History

Gallant Gold Media was founded in April 2017. We promote climate action on the three major social media platforms, as well as educate the public on how to create sustainable, eco-friendly micro habits that will lower household carbon footprints. Our online community, Act Now for the Earth Café, is a learning resource hub with a long list of key topics that house valuable tips that can be applied immediately. We also gather with members to discuss important topics and feature events, as well as answer questions about climate change and climate action.

Founder, CEO & Managing Director
Gallant Gold Media



Noreen Wise


Greetings and welcome. I founded Gallant Gold Media in April 2017, shortly after our new president began making swift and dramatic changes to the country that I loved so much. I felt compelled to jump into action and be a motivational force in this new world we were experiencing. My mission was to promote climate action, and educate the public on how to lower our carbon footprints, particularly after our president exited the Paris Agreement in June of 2017.

Gallant Gold Media promotes climate action initiatives with local, state and federal legislators. I meet with community leaders and strategize about how to inspire more of the public to act now on climate. And I spend an extensive amount of time studying the works and teachings of the top climate scientists, soil health experts, and habitat restoration experts.

George Woltz, III

…is a highly original and innovative thinker, instrumental in the various iterations of Gallant Gold Media’s branding, from the very beginning, to the present. George’s superior writing skills, have awarded him with the position of Developmental Editor in Chief of the Secret Tortoise series for young adult readers. Additionally, he was the one who created the Trees for Love branding campaign in October 2020, when Gallant Gold Media created a tree planting campaign, with the first event taking place in Fairfax County, Virginia to remember those we lost to covid.

George Woltz III, Marketing Director

Executive Advisors

Executive Advisors

Gallant Gold Media was formed from the intellectual property originally owned by Huckleberry Press LLC, a small independent publishing company that operated out of Connecticut from 1996 – 2003. Huckleberry Press had many connections in NYC as well as in Southern California. A team of some of these valuable, and often brilliant, connections, are now advisors to Gallant Gold Media and wish to remain anonymous.


Gallant Gold Media’s Trees for Love Campaign. Planting trees to remember those we lost to covid.
Funded byFairfax City Reconnect Reimbursement Grant.
Founder & CEO Noreen Wise was an invited guest to speak on a panel about how our Food System is impacted by climate change. Click HERE to take a listen.

Free 30 minutes of strategy session so we can help you, your business and or family, transition into the future following the best climate action path for your situation.